San Francisco Community Locksmith Emergency Master Key Lock San Francisco, CA


Nearly every other residential and commercial property comes equipped with a master key system these days. Right from minimizing the number of keys used, reducing instances of key copying, enabling setup of hierarchical access, to providing an alternate means of entry into a property in case of an emergency, the system’s surge in popularity is evident from the tremendous benefits it offers.

While master keying can offer great security and convenience, it can also introduce your property to unimagined vulnerabilities. You might lose the master key, it might be stolen or a vital lock could have been tampered with. In such scenarios, it’s a must to contact emergency master key lock services and nip the associated risks in the bud.

Dedicated 24/7 emergency service

	San Francisco Community Locksmith San Francisco, CA 415-779-3139There’s no telling when you’ll run into an unexpected emergency, and because we’re aware of that fact, San Francisco Community Locksmith runs a 24/7 unit that’s committed to catering to emergency requests of clients in San Francisco, CA area. Over the years of our service - reliability, availability and affordability – are qualities that we’ve become synonymous with. Lost your key? We’ll make you one. Locked out? We’ll help you get back in. Are you in need of emergency master key  lock services? Count us in!

What we do?

Replace lost keys:

If you’ve lost a master or a sub-master key, then it’s likely that you’ll lose access to a significant chunk of your property. We can get replacements made right away. We’ll at first analyze the locks, and configure a key according to the required configuration.

Address stolen key issues:

If your master key falls into the wrong hands, you’re unknowingly wresting a great amount of power to the person. The key can be used to gain access into your property without you even realizing it. As part of our emergency master key lock services, we’ll rekey all the locks so that the stolen key is rendered useless and also craft a new key onsite.


Assume that you’ve fired an employee and this employee was entrusted with a sub-master key. Even if the key was returned to you, you can never be sure if there wasn’t another copy of it made. We’ll get the locks rekeyed to reconfigure the system and align it with a different set of keys

Are you in need of emergency master key lock services? Don’t look any further! Reach out to us on our 24/7 helpline – 415-779-3139 – and we’ll send a team of experts to your location promptly.